Lucia Fryett 

Malmö, Sweden


Nice to meet you!

I am Lucia, a Business Mindset Coach from England who wants you to reach your potential. I help women to eliminate blocks so they can be more confident and make more money. When I was 18 I moved to Sweden to pursue a degree in design. That’s when my journey unfolded which has so far taken me to work for technology companies in Sweden, and Taiwan. I am so excited to help you to create a thriving online business!

My background is in User Experience Design; working with businesses to go digital with websites and online tools. What I learned through working with international brands is: no-one really knows what they’re doing because there are no rules and everything changes so quickly online. As long as you have a student mindset, you can run an online business. 


My 1:1 coaching program couples the key two aspects essential for growing a successful digital business; Mindset and Business. The mindset work is to focus on any blocks and shift them while the practical work guides you on setting up the pillars of a profitable online business.

Who do we need more of at the top of business structures? Women! My goal is to push more women to hack the system and go straight to the top by building their own successful business. You can monetize the skills and knowledge you have today into a profitable online empire. Are you ready to get started?