For a website that works for you while you sleep

Because design should make your life easier.

Are you tired of spending hours watching youtube tutorials trying to learn how to build a website? Yet you still don't know where to start but you do know that you need a website that works in unison with your baby business. 


You might be without a website today and frustrated over the hurdle standing in the way of your online brand. Or you could have a website but it isn't working the way you'd like. ​

I know how it goes, friend. The good news is that you're in the right place!

Nice to meet you!

I'm Lucia, a Digital Designer and Online Coach in Sweden with years of experience consulting for international brands like IKEA and Nespresso.

   If you're like me, you want to be intentional with all you do in business and you want to see results. This is exactly what working with me is like, we'll stick to the most important digital pillars needed for your larger strategy. 

   Your online brand should stand for something. I care immensely about your unique journey as the entrepreneur behind your business, and my intention is to translate this into an online brand that is unequivocally you. 

A complete digital package for your business so that you can spend more time on the important things; running your business.

Online Business Package

  • A unique and inspired custom primary logo that can be used on all your channels.

  • A brand guide for your business. 

  • Website design strategy, so that your website serves your larger business goals.

  • A custom-made, three-page website for your business in Wix or Squarespace so you can
    stand out in your market.

  • A responsive website, so no matter what device your tribe is using, your website looks great.

  • You own everything! I will help you set up your domain and accounts in your name.

£2500 - 2 weeks

PLUS, you'll also get:

  • Work with me personally to execute your vision and create a website that you are proud of. (I'll bring the experience and virtual tea!)

  • One round of iteration so that the design speaks perfectly to your vision of the business.

  • Online business coaching on taking your business online, as part of your website's creation.

I only take on a handful of clients each month so that I can focus on their businesses fully. Apply now to save your spot!

How does it work?



We'll have a heart to heart where I'll ask you about your business and together, we'll strategize what your website should be best serve your business.



I then get to work on the branding and website in the form that we have planned. Think headpho-nes on, tea drinking and head-bopping!



Time for a revision; I'll show you the nearly- finished website so that you have the chance to put your own touches on it. This is also where you'll see your new logo and branding!


Finally, your feedback gets weaved into the website and branding design. This will be delivered; now your new brand is ready to be launched!


So, what do you say, are you in?

Who is this program not for?

  • The service you want to offer cannot be delivered online. My specialty is in online business consulting, teaching and coaching.

  • You aren't willing to invest reasonable amounts of money into your business. Online businesses are very accessible in costs, but it'll generally require a website, domain e.t.c in addition to my services. 

  • You struggle to pay the bills and see this as your last hope.

  • You aren't willing to invest in your development as an integral part of business growth.

  • You aren't committed to doing the deeper business work it takes to transform your mindset

Lucia Fryett 

Malmö, Sweden


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