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3 Steps to Structure your Business Activities and start seeing Progress!

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Get customized advice for your business at a portion of the usual price of 1:1 coaching with a licensed business coach.
Group Business Coaching Session

Date: May 20th 2020

Time: 4pm UTC+01:00


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Do you feel like a puppy chasing cars in your business, always trying to catch up? In this session, we will structure up your business activities so that you start to make REAL progress, even with limited time to spend on your side hustle.

The session is held remotely, with a small group of entrepreneurial women, grab a coffee, and join us!

In the session we will cover: 

  • Prioritise your business activities so that you know WHAT moves the needle.

  • Eliminate tasks that drag you and your business down.

  • Schedule your carefully selected business tasks in a weekly planner, that works with your life (and other commitments!).

  • Start to feel like you can LET GO of your business in your spare time.

"Before I worked with Lucia, I had financial fears and was unsure which path to go down, I felt like I was floating! I have shifted my perspectives and identified my limiting beliefs and there are strategies I can use moving forward. By the third session I had made my investment back, I’m so happy to have done this."