3 mindset tricks to master the energy of money

My mindset used to be SHOT about money!

I grew up in a household that didn’t have a bad money mindset. But in the UK it’s seen as rude to talk numbers. To get down with the nitty-gritty details of money is unseemly!

When I sat down and started actually giving my money mindset a good look over, I was so shook!

I realised that my money mindset was very much ‘be happy you have enough and anything more is greedy’.

Oh girl, no.

I realised HOW important unlocking these beliefs is the key to business success! And with a lot of work I can safely say that I have new beliefs about money:

  • Money is a state of flow and when you give value, you are rewarded with its monetary equivalent.

  • There are different types of income, and those made from doing what you love is the most abundant kind.

  • Making money is as easy or as hard as you allow it to be.

And this is why I hold space with my business coaching program to talk about money.

I have gone from wishing about the money I want to make in my business to following these mindset tricks to manifest more money than I’d ever imagined was possible.

You can do it too, here’s how:

1. Perfect one offer at a time

It is easy to fall into the mistake when we want to attract money into our lives to take on any job we find. This leads to adapting our offers to different people each time.

This hurts your business in the long run.

Your brand gets watered down, and you never master all the steps needed to making sales.

So commit to perfecting one premium offer at a time for one year, once you work out all the details it’ll scale up and you’ll make more money in the end.

2. Get into the feelings of money

I don’t know about you, but money itself doesn’t spark an emotional response in me. Not compared to the things that are truly important in life.

How you feel about something is the power of manifesting. It’s the emotion that drives it.

Now, instead of focussing on bringing in a number, focus on the emotions you’ll experience because of what reaching that goal means. The words your clients say to you.

The difference you make for your clients after working with you.

This is where that beautiful emotional energy lives and will manifest the money so much more quickly.

3. Do your half

There are two sides to co-creation. That which you can’t control, whether that be luck, the Universe or any other entity. Then there is your side of the deal.

This is the bit that I see my clients forgetting quite often, and then they question their faith in abundance when it doesn’t create results. But it can’t work if you aren’t doing your part of the work.

So have you committed to doing your part?

You can create a daily checklist of the things that you KNOW move the needle and will bring you in money. Check it offer every day and keep track of the results each action brings.

As long as you follow your daily tasks you can rest knowing you’ve done your half.

What to do next?

Did you know that I help my clients to monetize their passions and make money online?

If you are in a place where you adapt your services and products to different customers, or you are selling for too little, listen up! You will never reach a high enough level of income from your business unless you get SERIOUS about your premium offer.

This is an offer which can package your previous skills, experiences and talents to create a transformation for your clients. It will be the bread and butter for your business and is the fastest way to create a consistent salary online.

If I were to show you how you can make a magnetic offer that your audience can’t wait to buy, would you want to chat? Book a free clarity session today at the link.

Speak soon!

Written by Lucia Fryett  Instagram  |  Facebook Lucia is a Business Coach who helps female entrepreneurs create their magnetic, signature offer, so they can make more money online.

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