3 ways to take your expertise and start getting regular pay checks online

So many talented women believe that the ‘business’ part needed for making money for themselves is way beyond them. But I promise you, it’s not with today’s online opportunities! All it requires is for you to approach the marketing part as if it is a new course, just like any other.

When you start putting your expertise to use in a money-making format, you realise the value of learning new skills as it literally equals your potential earning power. When you connect the skills to the business part, you’ll suddenly make money from all the previous years you’ve been acquiring skills - suddenly the world is literally your online oyster!

Do you have a set of expertise that you’ve been mastering for a while now? I promise it is so much easier than you might imagine!! So let't get started!

1. Meant to teach

This is perfect if you love to learn and then share your knowledge. You'll spend your time instructing groups of people where you share your expertise, advice and entertainment. The area you teach in will most likely be something you have lots of experience in previously, either practically or academically.

Learning is something you love to do, and then sharing that knowledge with others.

You can string together different streams of income depending on how you like to teach best. Examples include authors and selling literary products, which will be made up of periods of creation followed by more external episodes where you market your new releases. The teacher model can also involve live speaking at larger workshops or conferences or more intimate spaces such as retreats. The new age format to teach is online formats such as podcasting and bloggers etc where you will produce content consistently and earn money from adverts. Teaching involves less one on one contact but groups in the form of retreats / online masterminds and extra revenues come from royalties / course fees / speaker fees / advertising etc.

2. The coaching model

In this model, instead of doing deliverable work for someone, you assist them through a transformation that they struggle to achieve alone. This could involve helping individuals or groups through a transformation. Enabling the transformation involves creating processes that apply your expertise and tools to support them doing the transformative work. The coaching model is perfect for you if you have an area which you are experienced in doing practically and you also enjoy working with individuals. You might have something you've already been successful at and now you want to combine that with your empathetic nature. You spend a lot of time one on one with your clients, and it's important that you enjoy this part of the work to be a coach. Examples include life / business coaching, health professionals, healers etc.

Packages are key here for reaching abundance rather than hourly, one-off sessions. Another aspect to successful coaching is to focussing down on one particular niche. This means that you consider who you want to help and what particular problem they have that they're struggling to overcome. The difference with coaching and mental health assistance is that coaching helps people who are healthy and aren't suffering, they're looking to level up and have all the resources to do so, they just need clarity and support to evolve.

3. Build an online consulting practice

I have worked in the consulting industry for years, I consulted as self-employed when I was between jobs in order to make some income. Here is how you can get started!

Begin by setting up your practice as a business, that means open a separate bank account and signing up to your local area’s business registry. This is probably the most crucial step in your way to making money for yourself; as you can use it for the rest of your life! You’ve opened the door to allowing new income streams into your life.

Define your role; what services do you want to offer? Do you want to use the title you’ve had in your career beforehand? Or do you want to steer it in a strategic direction, such as something you want to move towards? Welcome to the decision freedom of working for yourself! Put together a list of 3-5 specific jobs you can do for customers as part of your role. The specific problems that you and your expertise can solve. Work out how long you’d need per client and a price that covers your hours and other costs such as taxes.

I often encourage my clients to make a PDF with the offer you will sell to customers with.

Connect to the right customers. That means to start building your network in the industry that you can help with your skills! This could be in real life, by emailing everyone you know asking if they know anyone who needs help with the jobs you’re offering. Or you can start growing your online connections with facebook groups, simply join those in the field and post about your services. Also you can make use of job boards, such as

Are you looking for guidance on how to set up your online business? Grab a free call for getting clarity over what your business should be and how to get it set up here.

Written by Lucia Fryett  WebsiteInstagram  |  Facebook

Lucia is a Business Coach who helps women to master an entrepreneurial mindset and set up their own businesses. Her background is in user experience consulting and now helps women to create an online business so that they can get regular pay checks doing what they love.

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