5 ways to get more engagement on your social media

Are you spending A LOT of time marketing your offer on Social Media and not getting any engagement? Do you feel like you just aren't getting through to your Target Market? Here are the tips I've learned whilst building my following on how to get engagement from dream ideal clients!

Stick to one niche

This is the unsexy truth about it, you need to let your business gain traction. Which means that you don't change your niche over and over, you have to stick to one niche that lasts over time. This means that your audience are able to find you! If you've been shifting gears frequently, this will be the reason why you're struggling to get engagement on your posts, as your followers won't recognise you! So decide on the niche your business serves and commit to it for the foreseeable future.

Educate through your content

No matter whether you offer physical products or services in your online business, audiences expect extra value from brands today. So why not capitalize on the knowledge you've gained and use in the business you're in today? If you are selling vintage clothes, make sure to share your tips on how to restore your clothes to just-like-new quality. Or if you are a graphic designer, explain different colour theories. There is so much information that you have and probably take for granted, so be sure to sprinkle these valuable tidbits in your feed! What could you educate your Target Market on?

Let your audience get to know the real you

I used to be so shy on my Social Media! I would hide behind stock photos, not sharing the real me for fear of my lack of 'perfect business coach' status. As time has gone by I realised that my audience don't want perfect! In fact, don't you feel better seeing posts from people who can simultaneously succeed whilst being.. human? I.e. a messy bun whilst doing lives, sharing the experiences that you too are going through? It is so much more powerful to share the real you, in the journey you and your business are going through. And in fact, it's your competitive edge in the beginning stages of business, this will make you stand out! So add posts about WHY you do what you do throughout your feed! A great book for inspiration on this is Daring Greatly by Brene Brown. What about you do you think your audience would love to know about you?

Showcase your success stories

Have you heard back from any customers, saying how much they love what they bought from you? Did you ever ask someone to simply put into words what it was like working with you? And the key question, do you dare to share those success stories with your audience? Don't see it as bragging, but as a clarifying tool, you can show your target market what you do so that they can decide whether they need the same services / products. It's a transparency which if anything encourages others to invest in themselves, which is only an abundant mindset! So make sure to share the feedback you get from your audience on the regular!

Call your audience to action!

After creating all your intentional, honest and helpful content, you want to make sure you tell your audience what the next step is! Get into the habit of inviting engagement at the end of your posts. One type of invitation can be a question about the content you've posted, something that will spark conversation in the comments. The other is to ask your audience to take the next step of contacting you, whether that is to your online store or to simply DMing you. As a business owner you have to get out of the shyness and invite interaction in order to get engagement. Can you add a Call To Action to all of your posts this week?

What to do next?

Are you currently bringing in some money in your business, but nothing consistent? Do you wish that you could have a more reliable stream of income, whilst slowly increasing your profits?

If you are today in a place where you adapt your services and products to different customers, or you are selling for too little, listen up! You will never reach a high enough level of income from your business unless you get SERIOUS about your premium offers. This is the bread and butter in your business that can rely on to make you a consistent salary.

If I were to run you through the process of making a magnetic offer that your audience can’t wait to buy, would you want to chat? If that’s you, book a free clarity session at the link here.

Written by Lucia Fryett  Instagram  |  Facebook Lucia is a Business Coach who helps female entrepreneurs create their magnetic, signature offer, so they can make more money online.

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