Commit to believing in your baby business

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

They key to success as an online entrepreneur is to do the internal work. Focus this inner work on cultivating your belief to overtake any internal blocks, even when your doubts may feel like the truth.

When you start to reach the walls of the box that you’ve been inside is when things actually feel the most uncomfortable. Don’t mistake the discomfort for a sign that something is wrong or that you’re on the wrong path. You’d miss out on an opportunity to expand.

Journalling prompts for shifting internal blocks

  • What are some of the behaviours that keep you stuck?

  • What reasons do you have for staying stuck where you actually keep you safe and more comfortable?

  • What’s the worst for you have about failing with your offer right now?

  • If you only succeed what would you do differently?

If you’d like to get started with building an online business and start making money online, this one on one coaching program is perfect for you. The focus is on two parts. The first is mastering your mindset, working through any inner blocks that you might struggle to shift on your own. These shifts allow for any actions you take towards your business to be much more effective. The second aspect are the practical pillars needed for an online business. After all getting a cashflow up and running is key to believing and living off your business.

Make your dreams of being a successful entrepreneur more real by:

  1. Pick the idea that feels the best for you. The one that gets you excited down in your stomach. The one that you might not know exactly what it will look like but you can feel in your nether regions.

  2. Validate that the people who need what you offer are out there. Don’t stop searching until you find them. And if you genuinely can’t find them then it might be a good idea to go to your next offer.

  3. Check that there’s someone else offering what you want to offer. Who cares if you both of the same thing? There’s more than enough to go around and the fact that they exist means there’s a market for it.

Written by Lucia Fryett  WebsiteInstagram  |  Facebook

Lucia is a Business Mindset Coach from England who lives in Sweden. Lucia helps women to master an entrepreneurial mindset and set up their online businesses. She has worked as a business consultant with international brands and is now helping individual women to create a business online, using their skills and passions.

If you would like support in setting up your online business, book a free clarity session with Lucia here today.

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