How to build a profitable online business with just 4 hours a week

You can build a profitable business with 4 hours a week. I actually think it’s easier to do it this way! There is so much noise out there that makes you feel like you have to rush, that if you’re not an overnight success you’ve somehow failed. It takes time to build something that can last, not something that just burns like a flash in the pan. Committing 4 hours a week means it can be side project with huge potential benefits without stressing you out in the present.

The gift of perspective

The breaks in between working on your biz lets you see it from a neutral space. Something I was taught at design school was the concept of ‘kill your darlings’ - sounds sad but it’s actually freeing! It means that the process of coming up with concepts IS the work, not the actual concept. That it takes many tries to get something worthwhile. So when you can step away and then later return to your business you have the space to evaluate whether to pick up the work and continue or whether to stop a bad idea, saving you time and heartache. So many new entrepreneurs refuse to let go of the bad idea they have just because it’s the original one. Working less hours will prevent this by giving your perspective

Focus on the right things

There are key parts that all of us need in our online businesses! Focus on these things and you will see profits. No more spending time on things that make you avoid doing the stuff that counts! Here are the absolute fundamentals I tell all my clients to focus on.

User Personas

First is your User Persona. This is a representation of your customer base in one person that you can build with more and more detail as you learn more about them. Give her a name, and start to investigate both what she needs help with and what she wants to achieve. This is where your niche comes in, knowing who you help and what you help them with. The key is to tie this in with what you already have the skills and knowledge to help with. So you can build a brand that you’ll be passionate about leading!

Email List

Social media is amazing when it comes to online business, the problem is that we don’t own the platform. If facebook decides to change something, your business will change too, they don’t owe us nothin’! The solution to this is your email list which is your own little address book on the internet of people who are interested in what you have to say! You can build your email list by creating a downloadable product which your User Persona would find helpful in the goals they have. Add this to a capture form on a single landing page, which captures the visitors email result and then automatically sends them the download. Whenever you talk to someone who could benefit from that download, send them to the page to grow an email list of your ideal clients!

Create your offer

Having an Offer your clients love is when all your hard work starts to pay off! It’s your way to start monetising, and should be something you feel excited about offering to your audience! To start with, research exactly what problems your audience want help with, make a list and ask them! Collecting this data will show you which problems are actually most critical to them.

Then put together an offer which solves those top problems. An example could be for a designer, who can offer a website package, including landing page, sales page, about page and blog page, including branding design. You should decide how long your offer will take you and therefore how many you can do in a given month. Your price should be something that is competitive, but not purely a cheap option, as your distinguishing factor won’t be price, it will be quality. You are the expert and you’re packaging all your experience into your offer and so the price should reflect that!

Host and build a community

You should aim to be building your very own space on the internet as a business owner. It's something that is easy to put off, but it can be so much fun as well as profitable. I have been building my facebook group for a few months now, and even though it's small, I'm so happy to have it growing. Feel free to join the Meaningful Online Business group here! It's a space where you can have conversations and shared experiences which can't exist over a single conversation like email. Facebook groups are free and simple to set up and manage. Create a simple cover photo in Canva with the name of the group and maybe a picture of you! Keep the name relevant to your niche and how you help your clients.

It can be overwhelming, especially as you grow into the role of being an expert, so start with the intention of simply building your community in the beginning. The way you like to personally host your community will emerge with time and in steps, if you're not the natural hostess type like me!

Take action

So if you’re asking yourself whether it’s worth doing this business idea, even if you haven’t got much time? DO IT! If you have 4 hours a week that you can commit to the project you’ll make progress that will pay dividends in your future, it’s the smartest investment!

Need clarity? Struggling to make money online?

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Written by Lucia Fryett  Instagram  |  Facebook Lucia is a Business Coach who helps women to master an entrepreneurial mindset and set up their own businesses. Her background is in user experience consulting and now helps women to create an online business so that they can get regular pay checks doing what they love.

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