How to build a side hustle that lasts the test of time.

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Hey my love! Do you want to start a side hustle that you’re excited about? Something that you might not know what it is exactly but your intuition is telling you to follow the clues? There are so many clients of mine who have tried multiple different business ideas prior to working with me, it’s a natural part of the process of figuring out what business fits you best. But the problem is if you fail too many times, you start to think that it’s something wrong with you.

You can learn as you go when you build your business.

I’m here to remind you that no-one is born with an ‘entrepreneurial gene’ and that our concept of what a CEO looks like is highly limited. You can learn to do ANYTHING, including building a business you love to work with and that stands the test of time. And once you create the business model in line with your natural talents and personal passions, making money becomes easier as you’ll be functioning in your zone of genius!

Use your zone of genius

Working out what your long-term and solid business is, is all about aligning that business to connect with your soul and I’d like to share with you a sneak peek to how I help my clients get clarity on this. Note this out on a piece of paper, and let the seeds start growing of your baby business that you absolutely love! Because if you don’t love your business you won’t wake up early for it and it won’t stand the test of time.

The key is aligning it with your soul from day ONE ☝️.

  • List your skills: the things you’ve invested in honing. What can you start charging money for by doing straight away?

  • Note down your talents: the natural skills you were born with. Again, these are things you can start to charge for straight away. You might even underestimate the value of these born-with skills because they come so naturally to you, but write them down!

  • Consider your passions: what topic gets you making impromptu speeches about because you care so much? Your business will have a larger effect on the world. What is the legacy you want to leave behind?

  • Finally your experiences: what have you overcome that you see other people struggling with?

  • P.S. don’t be shut off from anything new you want to try! This is an opportunity for growth!

Don't limit your business dreams

When I knew that I wanted to be able to create income streams through my creativity, I was unsure how exactly that would work. I thought that you have to choose one professional title at a time. That you have to study for years and work your way up the ladder anytime you want to switch realm. I believed that you definitely can’t combine your multiple passions into the SAME role. So I restricted my future so much, and saw my career more as a process of elimination, getting more and more put in a box.

I felt suffocated by this self-imposed idea of a career and decided that I had to take a risk and do SOMETHING! So I decided to build on top of my years of working with digital businesses and invest in a coach and start figuring out what I could be doing that fits the whole of me. I found a way to combine another passion of mine: self improvement and psychology with my other skills of design and user experience together. This is how I realised that I loved coaching people with mindset tools to create a more meaningful direction.

Don’t be afraid to combine all aspects of you into your business. Don’t see it as an either-or decision but a mixing, combining and unfolding of your full self.

My coach explained to me that it isn’t a big shift of lanes but instead a natural unfolding. I now hope to inspire women to create a direction in their lives that uses their full self. Something that makes them more money as well as brings them more meaning. To essentially use all the potential that resides inside them. If you’re in need of guidance with figuring out your direction, book a call through my calendar to see if we're a good fit to start working on this process together.

Written by Lucia Fryett  WebsiteInstagram  |  Facebook

Lucia is a Business Coach who helps women to master an entrepreneurial mindset and set up their own businesses. Her background is in user experience consulting and now helps women to create an online business so that they can get regular pay checks doing what they love.

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