How to create streams of income on the side of your regular work

Are you working and want to expand your income with revenues of side income? When you are working and want to add income streams on the side, you have to work effectively and cut out the procrastination! So it's all about strategic planning and then leveraging your knowledge and skills. You have SO MUCH knowledge, talents, and skills to share! Just give yourself 3 months to set up a stream of income which leverages one of these unique qualities as part of a thriving online business, all within a few hours a week.

Keep your priorities in check!

This is something that I’m passionate about because it's a common problem when you hit an income cap with your current job, and so building side incomes is the perfect solution! Your TIME and your ENERGY are your most important resources when doing this as a side project. Burnout and workaholism will not do, no thank you! So here is a breakdown on how you can build those incomes whilst keeping your time and energy.

Know who you serve

The first step to start on is knowing who you serve. This means defining a representation or 'persona' of someone who has a problem which you uniquely know how to solve. They will often be an earlier version of you, and they will most likely be dealing with something you struggled to solve for yourself in the past! And the beautiful thing with that? You leverage the time and energy you put into building the solution to a problem for yourself, and now you're helping others with the same solution.

Money goals

Define two separate monetary goals. The first one will be how much money you dream of being able to fulfil with an online business. It should be a number that seems a bit crazy and it will act as your guiding star for when you’re in the midst of working, an ideal to keep working towards. Get specific on the lifestyle you want your business to afford you, like a summer house and an electric car!

The second money goal is the amount that you feel is actually possible for you to achieve in the next three months. You want to pick a number which you feel is totally doable and O.K! Something you can start implementing tomorrow, that will start being reached in the next couple of months if you just do the work. Yes there’s a gap between these two numbers, but they serve two functions! You can hold your future life in your minds eye whilst working towards a tangible, next goal. Over time as you check off each three month goal, you'll see the gap get smaller and smaller!

Decide how much time you’re willing to give

Keep it SET! Want to do 30 mins before work every day, so 2.5hrs a week? Or do you have an excess of energy on Sundays that you can commit to raising your income? Define the total time you want to spend on this project, and when you will commit those hours, then do no more!

Create your high-end Offer

Select the High End Offer you can set up with the skills and knowledge you possess today, not something you have to learn more about! You know so much, and it’s time to utilise that. Pick this depending on what kind of brand you want to stand for. Are you passionate about helping women with confidence? Then build your offer about THAT! Focus on the problem you’re helping them overcome with a specific solution and a price which all takes place is a set time frame. If you don't have a website yet, put together a PDF in Canva so that you can send potential clients super easily!

Make connections and invest in those relationships

Take the time to systematically invite people to connect with you and get to know them! This is so useful as you grow your network, and understand your ideal customer more and more. Out of the people that you talk to, a percentage will just happen to have the problem that your new offer perfectly solves! This is the point that you simply ask if they'd like some help and explain how your solution will solve their problem! There is nothing sleazy about this, you're actually just offering to help your clients move forward in their growth.

Want more help with creating your magnetic offer?

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Written by Lucia Fryett  WebsiteInstagram  |  Facebook

Lucia is a Business Coach who helps women to master an entrepreneurial mindset and set up their own businesses. Her background is in user experience consulting and now helps women to create an online business so that they can get regular pay checks doing what they love.

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