How to get clear on your Ideal Customer Avatar in 5 steps

Do you want to finally get to know who you can best serve? And do you feel like you are confused about what you should be talking about in your marketing because of it? The whole sales process becomes difficult if you don't know how to identify someone as your ideal customer. But this is so easy to fix! Getting clear will on your IVA can be done quickly and will boost your sales massively! Here are the steps that I use with my clients so they can finally get clear and confident about their Ideal Customer Avatar!

1. Who is she?

If your pool of potential customers is too big, anyone and everyone could be someone worth selling to. Which might sound like a good think - more options right? Actually it can overwhelm you and dilute your brand message. When you are speaking to everyone, you are also, sadly speaking to no body in particular. Therefore take a moment to describe exactly who your Ideal Customer is, and what she ISN'T. What makes her who she is? Why is she different to other people in the larger market? You want to be able to pick your ICA out of the online 'crowd' and know with clarity when you are talking to her (as well as when you're not talking to her!)

2. What is the top thing she is struggling with?

If you are reading this, you're likely to be a driven and talented female entrepreneur with a lot of skills to make use of. It can again be tempting to offer ALL of them. If you're offering to help potential customers with all types of problems they're having, I want you to STOP now! (I get it, I used to do this). You want to master selling ONE premium offer. That's it. One offer. So that you can become the industry expert in that one problem that people have. So even though your ICA may have multiple problems, get clear on the top problem and help them with just that one. Your premium offer will be built around this one problem they have, so ask your audience, what is the #1 thing they are are struggling with. Ask as many of your audience as you can, until you start to see a pattern emerge. Then take note of this one problem, and use it for your branding and offer creation process.

3. What is her best possible outcome?

This might seem obvious to you, but have you understood your ICA's top motivator? And importantly, do you know the language that she uses to express it? What is the dream scenario that she has when it comes to overcoming her biggest obstacle? Is it more freedom to be with her kids? Is it doubling her income? Again, there are hundreds of things that you or I could guess here, but the key is to asking her. Ask 10 of your ideal customers what their dream result would be after solving this problem and take note of the answer that gets repeated. This is the outcome that you can market whenever your customers get those exact results with reviews, and this is what you can express when it comes to selling your premium offer!

4. What is her ideal price point?

I am sure that you would love to help anybody and everybody in your business, no matter if they have money or not. However this isn't a charity - it's the hard truth. You can still help everyone, as your free content can educate those who can't afford a more custom service yet. For those who are included in your Ideal Customer Avatar, you want to get clear on a price point that they're able to pay as a fair reward for your premium service. Does she have a job? Does she have savings? How would she ideally want to pay, is it a one-off payment or a payment plan? How much exactly would work for her monthly payments? See this as allowing for a win-win scenario for you and your ICA.

5. What is it about your value system that resonates with her?

You may not be the first brand designer or fitness coach, and that is totally ok. There are some people who will pick your services over others because of the specific value systems you represent. These value systems are easily found when speaking to your ICA. Maybe she values that action oriented nature of your service. Maybe she picks your services because of the deeper, spiritual nature of your work. You should work out exactly what this value system and knuckle down on that message. Don't be afraid to have an opinion and say it proudly in your messaging so that you attract more of you ICA!

What to do next?

Are you currently bringing in some money in your business, but nothing consistent? Do you wish that you could have a more reliable stream of income?

If you are today in a place where you adapt your services and products to different customers, or you are selling for too little, listen up! You will never reach a high enough level of income from your business unless you get SERIOUS about your premium offer. This is the bread and butter in your business that is the fastest way to create a consistent salary online.

If I were to show you how you can make a magnetic offer that your audience can’t wait to buy, would you want to chat? Book a clarity session today at the link here.

Written by Lucia Fryett  Instagram  |  Facebook Lucia is a Business Coach who helps female entrepreneurs create their magnetic, signature offer, so they can make more money online.

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