How to set new goals and and stay motivated to achieve them

With everything happening lately, have you struggled to achieve your goals? The energy seeping out everywhere right now contains so much fear. It can really slow down your goals if left unchecked. But you can set and reach powerful goals regardless! I've broken down the steps I use to setting goals that get you excited and sticking to them in order to get results.

1. Start big then work backwards

When setting a new goal, start big and break it down. To know what to work on today, you have to know what the plan is for next year. They have to speak to each other. So in order to get this macro and micro level covered, start with the big picture. What big change do you ultimately want to make in your life? Then, break it down step by step working backwards. To do this bigger goal, what needs to happen before that, and before that? Work backwards until you reach the point where you are today and you will have a game plan of smaller goals which will lead you to your ultimate goal. Making this decision once means you don't have to keep worrying about each goal in of itself.

2. Give your goals some digits

When setting goals it's easy to say something like 'I want to make more money online'. However this isn't enough detail, and it isn't tangible enough a goal to be able to get results. You will never really know if you've succeeded. You want to feel good when you've reached your goal, right? Then you need to allocated numbers to your goals so that you can measure your progress. So instead of 'make more money', I want to double my income by next year. Great! That means I need to make 5% more this month, then 15% more the month after that, and 25% more the month after that. It is unlikely that progress happens lineally, you will most likely see more of a curve as you get closer to your goal, so spread out your numbers in the same way. Checking in with your numbers regularly will help you to stay motivated and see the progress you're making, meaning you stay WAY more motivated!

3. Expand the limits of your goals

Expand your views of what’s possible for you. When there’s a lot of scarcity out there, it’s easy to shrink. When growing feels scary, or even selfish as other people suffer you can easily put down the goal you’d set. Talk to someone who is in front of you in your goals. Someone who thinks your goals are NORMAL, as they’ve already done it. This will mean you keep reaching.

4. Remind yourself of your goal on the regular

If you're like me you love a post it with affirmations and they tend to sprout up around your apartment and you have to take some down when you have guests! Well, goals can be easily forgotten in the daily doings of life. How many times have you literally lost site of your goals? No matter how set you are on your goals when you make them, you will need a reminder along the way. To keep you focussed on the right things and to actually stay motivate to reach them! So I like to draw out my larger goal and the smaller goals included on a post it and put it where I will see it every day.

5. Turn down the distracting noise

Turn down that NOISE. Knowing what’s happening is important. If it drains you though, every day, it will hold you back from your goals. How can you reach new heights if you see loss and fear everywhere you look? You’ve got to keep moving forward regardless. You might as well move forward in the light of your goals and dreams. Limiting yourself doesn’t make anyone else’s life better. So keep the noise of fear and scarcity as low as you need to still move forward towards your goals. Instead of checking the news 5 times a day, give yourself time to reflect and be with your thoughts. You might just get a shiny new idea on how to reach your goals faster!

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Written by Lucia Fryett  Instagram  |  Facebook Lucia is a Business Coach who helps female entrepreneurs create their magnetic, signature offer, so they can make more money online.

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