Package your work experience into a profitable online business

Are you interested in making money online, but not so sure where to begin? Did you know that you can capitalize on the skills and knowledge you have gathered from your work experience and repurpose them into an online business? It is the quickest and easiest way to start making consistent income online and I'm so excited to break down how! Here are the steps that I use with my clients so they can start making money online whilst feeling confident with their offering.

1. Get clear on your goals

If you never set any goals for your business, the journey will feel like being in a woods you don't know; you'll never know how far you've come. The trick is to create a trail through the woods by setting goals before you start and plotting them out in smaller intervals of time. So if you want to make 10,000 GBP a month in your business, breaking that down into yearly goals, then monthly and even weekly and daily goals will help you to have a context along the way. Don't skip this step! It's a chance to go deep with your reasons for embarking on this journey and can create a powerful motivation. Setting your goals will simply increases the chances of success.

2. Your work experience is part of your zone of genius

One of my absolute favourite sessions to do with my clients is monetizing their zone of genius. These are the skills, talents, knowledge you were born with and have built up with your career experience. I believe that monetizing the things which we are naturally good at is the best way to make a business because you will find the work interesting as well as being better at it than your competitors. So why not maximise your strengths? Break down the talents that came natural to you, were you always good at maths for example? Add in the skills you've learned over the years, have you been working with customer service for 10 years? Chances are you've got a treasure trove of knowledge on customer relationships! Getting clear on exactly your zone of genius is simple and fun, it should be the backbone of your online business!

3. Get cosy with your future customers

This is THE step which will ensure that you don't come out to the sound of crickets with your business offer; understanding your customer. It might take a few weeks but it will be the best time investment on your way to profitability as it'll save you months of wasted time! I myself have done this, so believe me! Now you know how you can help people which uses your skillset on a broad level. The trick next is to pinpoint the ONE problem that your future customers need help with. The way to find this out is to talk to your target market on 15 minute interviews where you ask them precisely the question what's your #1 struggle with xxxxx? There is no point guessing here, and i'm sure you can help people with a wide range of things, but in your business you want consistency as well as specificity. So ask your customer the question and see how you'll feel more inspired and certain in the way you can help them with your offer.

4. Why you should stick to one premium offer

Many of the women I work with have gotten to a place of overwhelm by the time we start working on their business. They are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of possibilities they want to offer to their customers. What started out as fun, inspirational ideas has quickly manifested into a knot of overlapping offerings and guess what? A confused customer doesn't buy! So the answer which will improve your sales AS WELL AS make your life easier is to stick to just ONE premium offer. This is the offer which is your strong point, the ideal solution to your customer's ONE problem. (See a theme here?!) It's tempting to adapt to customer's need but honestly, your customers don't know what the solution is, that's why they are paying you! So hold steadfastly and confidently in your single offer and allow yourself the time to birth an offer which you know your customer's need and which uses your zone of genius!

5. Package your offer so that your customers want to buy

This piece of the process can be as complex or as simple as you like, and in the beginning of your business journey you want to keep things simple!! (It's how I try to run everything in my business). Of course a website is the perfect place to package your offer, where you can have a sales page and a call to action to get in touch with you. However in the beginning a PDF will do perfectly. You want to describe the results that your customers will get by investing in your offer, the solutions to the problem they're facing. Your customer interviews pay off massively here again, as you can use the language which they used to describe your offer rather than try and describe it in your own words. Whenever someone who you've networked with asks you about your offer you can send them the PDF, simple!

What to do next?

Are you overwhelmed with too many possibilities in your business? Did you know that I help my clients to narrow down their zone of genius into a magnetic offer to make more money online?

As women we often are coming purely from a place of helping which is a good thing. However it might result in you being too adaptive to your different client's needs. This in of itself will make you less money, and makes its difficult to build a professional standing. Surely the expert knows best which solution works and offers that consistently, not the client?

If you are today in a place where you adapt your services and products to different customers, or you are selling for too little, listen up! You will never reach a high enough level of income from your business unless you get SERIOUS about your premium offer. This is an offer which can package your previous skills, experiences and talents to create a transformation for your clients. It will be the bread and butter for your business and is the fastest way to create a consistent salary online.

If I were to show you how you can make a magnetic offer that your audience can’t wait to buy, would you want to chat? Book a free clarity session today at the link here.

Written by Lucia Fryett  Instagram  |  Facebook Lucia is a Business Coach who helps female entrepreneurs create their magnetic, signature offer, so they can make more money online.

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