The signs that should tell you to give up on your business

Have you ever felt like giving up on your business goals? Have you invested your time, money and energy and now wonder whether it will ever be worth it?

Continuing on in the face of doubt is the true test for entrepreneurs. When everyone is telling you no, it can be easy to ignore but when it comes from within, you can start to feel split and unsure.

So in this situation, it's about taking the time to build unity in yourself and your dreams.

The reason we begin

I started building a business because I wanted to learn how to have an income whenever I needed it. Working as a freelance designer was really helpful when I was moving to a different city and was in between jobs. I look back at that time and realise how I literally didn’t know what type of business to build but I kept going out of intrigue!

I am very sure that no matter what some online entrepreneur’s are saying, they have had many different types of businesses. That the one they found ‘success’ in wasn’t the one thing they ever tried. So I wanted to share with you what I learned from this messy process so that you don't give up on your business dreams just because it doesn't seem like it was 'meant to be' straight away!

When I first started my business, I did it out of curiosity.

Growing the business is a process of experimentation. It’s about taking scary steps and then seeing two things. One, does it make money and work with your life practically? Two, does it give you something to wake up excited about?

It’s about connecting a profitable business model to something you find meaningful, which is why I have called my coaching program the meaningful business program. I believe that the meaning is the key to long term success as you're driven by something more powerful, an inspiration that is deep within that you just have to know the answer to!

Picking a business model:

1. Spend some time asking yourself what are you passionate about? What causes do you find genuinely meaningful? Is there something you’re always reading about that you’ve never thought of yourself as being able to do professionally? This is the key to picking the right business for you at any time, as it’s about adding the passion into the foundation of the business mixture.

2. Start with a model where you select whether you decide to do the work for someone such as a social media manager or a website designer where your skills are actually doing the work for them. The other option is where you want to assist people doing the work which could be in the form of teaching knowledge that you’ve attained or by coaching them through a process.

3. Keep the business simple by focusing on one income stream at a time. Once that is up and running so that you just know which tasks produce income, you can build onto the business with the next stream of income. No need for complicated models from the get go, as I find this just makes you feel overwhelmed. So focus on one business model that you LOVE and put that into place first.

Mindset for success

Many of my clients and I shared a common self view in the past that we just weren’t made to make money. As you can imagine, this really holds a person back from bringing in money in all formats, and especially when selling something. You will find an excuse for never making the sale, you will not finish, give work away for free, ghost people just because you don’t see yourself as ‘good at money’. I have literally had people message me for my services and my mind has subconsciously blocked it out for me to open months later and think what was I doing?!

This was all until I started working on my mindset as part of doing my coaching licence. Firstly by evaluating where your life is at, you can deduce what limiting beliefs you might have and get working on shifting those beliefs. Suddenly your inspiring offer becomes clear, and wow how much money you could make if you just did the work? And you’ll be making sales with people you really love working with! All with the mindset work that allows you to collect the money for your fair service. You can truly start having the freedom to build wealth on your own terms.

Don't give up, make a smaller change

Instead of seeing all the things that are wrong with your business, commit to being open to making changes. If you give up, you'll never get the rewards for all the time you've spend evolving, so you might as well continue. Evolve your business by changing your offering, by changing your prices, by limiting your hours on the business, or by working on your mindset. Your business is your after all! Why not make it suited perfectly for the life you want to lead?

Written by Lucia Fryett  WebsiteInstagram  |  Facebook

Lucia is a Business Coach who helps women to master an entrepreneurial mindset and set up their own businesses. Her background is in user experience consulting and now helps women to create an online business so that they can get regular pay checks doing what they love.

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